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Pet Friendly Systems


Protect your home today for as little as £249


One of the biggest causes of false alarms, particularly in domestic properties, is animal movement. Whether it’s a restless budgie or an active puppy, pets can very easily trigger alarms that rely on movement sensors. As notorious nocturnal prowlers, cats can be especially troublesome in this respect, jumping onto furniture or in and out of cat flaps.


The good news is that pet owners are no longer restricted from protecting their home with a security alarm thanks to PIR (Passive Infrared) technology.


How does it work?


PIR detectors can be calibrated to ignore particular sizes and shapes of moving objects or to work only above a certain height therefore over-looking the family dog when he's roaming around at night. We calibrate our systems especially to your personal circumstances - If you have flying birds or climbing cats we can ensure that false alarms are kept to the absolute minimum.

The maximum size of animal that our systems can allow for is 40Kg, if your pet is larger than this we can still ensure your home is protected by advising on:


Sensor Placement

Door and Window Sensors

Room Elimination Techniques


- Owning a pet should never mean that your safety is compromised.

Dog Theft


A recent spate of dognapping – including pop star Lily Allen’s English bull terrier in 2007 – has left many British dogowners fearing for the safety of their pets. Help keep your dog safe from theft with a Protec Alarm installation.


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